Advertising distribution


Distribution of printed matter directly into your hands

Our company provides services for the distribution of advertising printed materials directly into the hands

Forget about ineffective scattering of advertising in mailboxes, which will immediately be thrown into the trash without the slightest attention.

A simple comparison: the distribution of advertising to the streets is carried out during the day and a person visually sees at least some information and visually remembers, even if he then throws it into the trash can.

If there is an advertising leaflet in the doorway in the mailbox, but, as a rule, there are a lot of them and it is simply pulled out of the box like simple garbage without any attention.

Distribution directly to your hands works much more efficiently, a person is more likely to come into contact with advertising.

You can order from us both the distribution of printed materials itself and the development of printing design and the production of advertising printed materials.

The advertising distribution service is provided near shopping centers in different districts and in the shopping and entertainment centers themselves, as well as in an agreed place with the customer on the street.

If you have any questions, write to us or call us, we will answer all your questions.