Poster poster picture

Poster poster "Magnet"

Poster "Baguette"

Poster "Click"

We make advertising posters in different price categories. These structures are used to place any information about your business. For example, inform about a sale or promotions, you can simply place a beautiful painting there to decorate the interior, as well as a menu for a cafe or restaurant. The main advantage is fast and very easy poster change. It turns out that once we bought such a product, we installed it, hung it on the wall. In the future, you simply change the pictures there, ordering from us just printing on ordinary poster paper, an excellent solution for 100%. There are several types - Magnetic , Click-profile , and also decorated with a baguette profile (without replacing the image). All these options are very thin and look impressive. Our offer is suitable for any activity in Volgograd, please contact us!

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