Large format printing

  • We offer a service - large-format, interior printing of film banners in Volgograd. This is the most popular, economical type of outdoor advertising . The prices are affordable from 190 rubles. 1 square meter, high quality materials. You can use paper, fabric. With professional installation, it will last a long time. An excellent option for temporary and permanent signage.

  • Of course, it is important to choose a memorable text or illustration. No layout? We can offer design development . There is? Certain requirements must be met , they are listed below.

  • The differences are as follows - Widescreen has a low resolution of 360-720 dpi. Suitable for large sizes of a banner or self-adhesive with the image of a large inscription, drawing. Designed for long distance demonstration. Examples: "RENT", "SALE" information on boards 3x6 m, etc.

  • The interior has a high 1440 dpi. Suitable for printing small pictures, photographs. It will better convey the color saturation. Relevant for interior decoration of premises.

  • Maximum width 3.2 m.

  • Banners to be attached directly to a brick wall and at a specific height. we glue the gates around the perimeter and install metal rings (eyelets).

Large format banner printing

Широкоформатная печать

Large format banner mesh printing

Широкоформатная печать
Широкоформатная печать

Requirements for files for large format and interior printing