Trade place design

Оформление киоска

Branding of kiosks and pavilions

  • You can order the design of your trading place in our organization.

  • If you have a stand-alone kiosk or pavilion, you just need to be seen as a "eyesore" in the good sense of the word. Our specialists make it so that it looks better next to it.

  • We will develop for you a design design for your corporate identity.

  • For example, you have a small pavilion made of chipboard. We will decorate it with plastic with full-color printing or layered applique advertising self-adhesive films. We will add a volumetric logo or letters with or without illumination at the request of the customer, but with illumination, advertising always looks predominantly. But it all depends on what budget you have set for advertising.

  • Your retail space is located in shopping malls and you are selling, for example, sushi. You just need to have some bright pictures or menus, for example, we recommend thin light panels, they take up very little space and look stylish and solid. You can always quickly change any picture.

  • Walking in some shopping center, looking around, you will hardly want to buy in a simple, unattractive institution, 20% that you will go to this institution and 1% that, buy something there.

  • And after leaving it, you will not have any impressions, and 95% you will forget how this shop looked like, it was called.

  • And passing by a beautifully designed establishment, you want to go there. And even if you don't buy anything there, you will have positive emotions. You will be pleased to come back to this institution.

  • Our task is to make your trading place memorable and attractive. So that later you will benefit from all this.

  • We will arrange your turnkey trading place.

  • You can order a calculation for the design of your trading place by calling us at : (8442) 988-366