Magnetic whiteboard

Manufacturing of whiteboards

We offer a new solution for magnetic whiteboards.
For the production of whiteboards, we give preference to environmentally friendly and safe materials for health.
we do not use toxic paints in the production of these products
In our magnetic whiteboards, we provide for all the wishes of the customer.

Магнитная маркерная доска.jpg

If you need more than just a whiteboard to write or draw sketchy drawings for any event.
And you can also print, for example, on a magnetic board a schedule, schedule or table with empty cells, but with a signed table of contents, enter certain information and erase with a light movement of a sponge or a simple rag, and everything that is printed will remain unchanged and will not be erased.
Even if you did not specifically write with a marker on the wrong part of the board where your company's logo is located, then nothing terrible will happen either, just take the sponge again and erase it with a slight movement, because all our magnetic whiteboards are protected from such actions.
We are not limited in any way in the color scheme of whiteboards, we will make a color test, agree on the color you like and print the final product.
Overall dimensions are also not tied to formats and standards.

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We will make a marker board according to your size with a different mounting method. There are several manufacturing options: wall-mounted - mounted on hidden hinges on hangers, option on transportable legs with wheels. Materials used for whiteboards: PVC, polystyrene, monolithic polycarbonate, honeycomb polycarbonate, foam cardboard, PET, plexiglass. For magnetic whiteboards we use 0.5mm steel with anti-corrosion coating on both sides. On steel we will apply any image at the request of the customer without printing on films, we will print directly on steel.

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Полочка для маркерной доски.jpg

The whiteboard has a shelf for a marker and a sponge.
They can be attached to the bottom of the board itself to the right, in the middle, or at any distance from the left and right edges of the board on special 3M latches.
During transportation, the shelf snaps off, it is very convenient.
The shelf itself is made of transparent acrylic, which visually makes the shelf itself invisible
Overall dimensions of a marker board on plexiglass do not exceed 1260x3000mm
Overall dimensions on steel 1250x2500mm
At the request of the customer, the color of the framing profile of the marker board can be different according to the available color palette.
The term of production of a marker board is 3 working days. When ordering in large quantities, we make a discount.