Thin light panels

  • We produce several options for advertising thin panels. All these models are individual and beautiful in their own way. Each light panel has its own unique design.

Световая панель Кристаллик

We offer several options today.

  1. The first version of "Kristallik"

  2. The second option "Magnit"

  3. The third option "Click"

  4. The fourth option "Figure"

Light panels Kristallik

Световая панель Кристаллик
  • Panel "Crystal"

  • In the manufacture of the light panel, we use high quality transparent plexiglass with high transparency. This product is very thin, its thickness does not exceed 10 mm.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • This product is in two parts

  • The main part in which the LED light source is built.

  • with an even distribution of light over all surfaces. It is attached to the wall on remote metal holders or suspended on cables, on special holders.

  • The protective transparent screen is also made of transparent PMMA plexiglass. it is not screwed in any way, unlike alternative panels, it is held by magnetic neodymium holders, they are located on the inside of the protective screen.

  • The change of the poster is carried out, in literally counted seconds without unnecessary manipulations, simply remove it from yourself and pull out the poster with the image, place a new one and lean the protective screen back. And you're done

  • The current consumed by the 12 volt light panel through the power source is connected to a 220 volt alternating network.

Light panels Magnet

Световая панель Магнитик
  • Panel "Magnetic"

  • This design differs radically from the first model. The same transparent plexiglass is taken as a basis. It also has a different design. It has a frame in the form of an aluminum profile, with a minimum thickness not exceeding 12 mm for one-sided and 16 mm. for double-sided construction. These panels are mounted directly to the wall, and the two-sided ones are suspended on a cable, for example, in a window opening or a niche. The picture changes just as easily as in "Kristallik", but with the help of an ordinary suction cup, because this structure has an anti-vandal profile, it is impossible to open it with your hands without damaging the structure. These light panels are also provided with a 12 volt supply.

Световая панель Магнитик подвесная

Light panels Click

Световые панели клик
световые панели клик
  • Click panel

  • This is a classic version of the advertising light panel, it is not like all others, it has an aluminum profile, but a different type of "base" and "snap-off click-profile" on the springs. The section of this profile is square and semicircular. The poster with the image can be changed just as easily as in other models, you need to snap off the profile from 4 sides, remove the protective screen from the PET, replace the poster, put the protective screen back and snap the profile. Thickness for one-sided panel is 23 mm, and for double-sided panel is 29 mm.

Light panels figure

  • Shape panel

  • This modification of the panel is similar to the Magnetic model, but like the Kristallik model it does not have a frame, but it has a number of advantages over other models.

  • Light panel "Figure". Therefore, it is called that you can make a product in the shape of a circle, a rhombus, a letter of the form with edges and broken corners, or, for example, in the form of a silhouette of a person. Which is perfect for a promotional stand in salesrooms or at exhibitions in your city.

  • Replacing the poster is carried out without the need for special tools.

  • All manufactured panels consume a minimum amount of electricity.

  • All products come with a 1 year warranty.

  • We will make a quick calculation. We will make any model of interest and carry out the installation of the product.

  • Price VS Low Price - Quality VS Low Quality

  • I would like to draw your attention to the issue of quality price . It happens that they offered it cheaper and did it, as in the photo. Perhaps a trifle, but agree unpleasant. Look at the completed work of those from whom you want to order this product and still focus on quality, not cost. The light panel is very effective and beautiful design and there shouldn't be any flaws here.

  • Well, our prices, quality and brightness are clearly beyond competition.

This is how some of our competitors do lightbars