Light plate

Светодиодные таблички

Production of LED signs

LED signs. Our company has developed ultra-thin illuminated route markers for public transport.
We manufacture for minibuses, fixed-route taxis and hotels
Sizes are different small and large, thickness up to 10mm
Constant voltage 12V. The power depends on the dimensions of the product (length-width).
The power source can be a pulse transformer or connect with a cord to the cigarette lighter that is attached.

Taxi LED sign

Светодиодная табличка такси

LED signs to the hotel

Световые светодиодные таблички

They can be used for hotels, for example: next to the door of a hotel room, there are glowing numbers that immediately attract the eye; it is simply not possible to confuse the apartments. It looks very nice in the general interior.
Execution of flowers at the request of the customer

Световая табличка гостиница – отель

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