Plexiglas products

  • If you are looking in Volgograd, where you can order plexiglass products.

  • We are glad to inform you that we can help you in this matter, we make a lot of useful and interesting products from acrylic.

Backlit plexiglass products

  • Also for business in the office we make desktop shelves, business card holders and volumetric pockets, too, from transparent acrylic, they can be completely different, they can be either put on the table or fixed to the information stand.

  • In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Almost all products are made of transparent Plexiglass of European quality. Material thickness from 1.8mm to 24mm.

Donation box

  • If you are planning a charity event, we can make you a donation box with a bunch of money for orphanages or disabled children.

Ящик для пожертвования
Ящик из оргстекла
Ящик из оргстекла для сбора денег

Plexiglass pocket

Карман из оргстекла

Business card holders from plexiglass

  • You don't know how to decorate the reception wall. We can recommend you to order the production of transparent letters of the slogan or logo from plexiglass 10mm thick. mount beautifully on your wall.

  • For awards ceremonies such as a crystal slipper or something like that. We will develop a model of the silhouette of a transparent shoe on a stand, a premium washer and medallions with laser engraving.

Plexiglass cups

кубки из оргстекла
наградные кубки в Влгограде

Stands - plexiglass shelves

  • What can we offer for decoration, for example, you have your own shop, and you are selling beautiful shoes. We will be happy to make elegant transparent and strong supports for your shoes , and you will gracefully place your shoes or sandals with boots.

Подставки – полочки из оргстекла

Chair - plexiglass stand

  • And numerous masters of the oratory craft of all kinds of seminars and forums. They can order plexiglass chair racks from us.

Кафедра – стойка из оргстекла
Кафедра из оргстекла
  • By the way, we cut out all products on CNC laser and milling equipment. Accuracy and high cutting accuracy are guaranteed.

  • Our organization manufactures a wide variety of products, from simple to multi-layered complex with backlighting.

  • In order for the client to be satisfied with your service or product, you need to provide high-quality services, and to sweeten your partnership, offer him a piece of candy from a candy bowl of our production.

Lottery drum - plexiglass drum

  • For sports and entertainment programs, we will offer transparent so-called rotating hexagonal cylinders made of plexiglass lottery drum on a stand and with a window for collecting accumulated items.

Лототрон – барабан из оргстекла

Plexiglass figurines

Статуэтки из оргстекла

Polycarbonate and plexiglass pipe

Труба из поликарбоната - оргстекла и акр

We will make to order different pipe diameters - a cylinder made of transparent plexiglass and impact-resistant polycarbonate

  • You can list endlessly what our company can make according to the patterns of your imagination.

  • It is best to call us on tel. +7 (442) 988-366 and we will try to help you with your question.